Recommend Items for Purchase

Northwest Georgia Regional Library System works hard to provide our community with popular books, movies, audiobooks, and music. Participating in PINES allows us to get many more books in just a few days, allowing our patrons access to more than a million books. We still miss many titles though, and we could use your help!

What is Recommending Items for Purchase?

If you are a Northwest Georgia resident and know of a book, movie, audiobook, or musical CD that we should add to our collection, then please recommend it for purchase. If it meets our collection policy and we have the funding available, we will do our best to purchase it.

In order to be notified when the item becomes available, please include your library card number so that we can put the title on hold for you.

We do not accept recommendations directly from authors or publishers outside of our community.

Recommend Items for Purchase

How Long Until My Item is Ordered?

The amount of time may vary, depending on availability of both funding and the item. Typically, it will take a month or more. If you need your item sooner, please check the PINES catalog.

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