All of the Northwest Georgia Regional Libraries welcome teens! For use of the teen spaces, we classify teens as 6th-12th grade or 12-18 years old. For programs, we often split teens into two groups: tweens (4th-8th grade) and teens (8th-12th grade).

Most Young Adult (YA) materials are created for teens 14 and older, but may be of interest to younger teens. We always recommend that caregivers assist their teens in choosing reading and viewing materials if there are any concerns about content. To find teen materials, check out the “YA” area of each library.


Teen Spaces

Dalton-Whitfield County Public Library and Calhoun-Gordon County Public Library both have teen spaces available.

Inside the teen spaces at Dalton-Whitfield and Calhoun-Gordon, there are comfortable seats, YA books, and activities. Dalton-Whitfield has four Windows 7 computers designed for users to play games and do homework. We do reserve the seating and computers in our teen spaces for teens and their accompanying caregivers.

All of our branches have wireless internet, and there are outlets in each of our teen departments to make it easy to complete schoolwork or recharge a phone. Some of our teen programs take place in the teen space and there are often activities like puzzles, crafts, and board games available for use any time.

Chatsworth-Murray County Public Library has now opened The Vault, a space for tweens and teens to hang out, read, play on the PS4, and more.


Teen & Tween Events

Tween events are for tweens in 4th-8th grade; teen events are for teens in 8th-12th grade unless otherwise noted.

Caregivers and siblings outside of this age range may be asked to enjoy other parts of the library for the duration of the event.

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