E-Rate Request for Proposal

Welcome to the Northwest Georgia Regional Library System’s information page for our E-Rate Request for Proposal. Please direct all questions to the Google Form linked on this page. Questions and answers will be posted on this page so that all bidders may receive the same information.

E_Rate_470_Chatsworth_Murray_Library_RFP_2019 – PDF Download; also available through the USAC Portal.

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Our bid deadline has passed and we are now in the process of reviewing bids and selecting a winner. Thank you for the bids!

Questions & Answers: E-Rate 2019

February 5, 2019
Q: For your existing services at the permanent location, will those stay in place during the renovation?
A: We are in the process of attempting to temporarily relocate the services to the temporary space; however, there has been some difficulty with that. Much of the equipment remains in place at the permanent location at this time in the renovation.

February 26, 2019
Q: Are you firm with the 3-1 due date?
A: Yes, we need that due date to have time to negotiate a finalized contract and to complete our tasks in the USAC EPC.

Q: May we respectfully ask for a one week extension?
A: We are unable to provide any extensions at this time.
Q: Regarding your 470 posting, are under a multi year contract currently?
A: We are under a multi-year contract that will be ending as of 6/30/2019. We are interested in getting all of our branches on the same billing cycle, which is why we are requesting single-year contracts with optional extensions.
Q: Are you just looking for internet and if so, dedicated fiber internet?
A: We are just looking for internet. Dedicated is not necessary as long as our speed and contractual requirements are met.


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