E-Rate Request for Proposal

Welcome to the Northwest Georgia Regional Library System’s information page for our E-Rate Request for Proposal. Please direct all questions to the Google Form linked on this page. Questions and answers will be posted on this page so that all bidders may receive the same information.

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Download a copy of the RFP posted on USAC’s EPC

Questions & Answers: E-Rate 2024

  • Question: If it is required that proposals be mailed in, please let me know the address and I can send it.
  • Answer: All information is included in the RFP that was submitted along with the USAC Form 470.

  • Question: How many copies of our proposal should we mail to NGRL?
  • Answer: One copy is sufficient.

  • Question: I plan to deliver our proposal packet by hand. Do I need to call ahead or schedule delivery? Should I be sure to hand the packet off to a specific person?
  • Answer: Due to the pandemic, please do call ahead. You can call 706-876-1360 and let them know you’re here here to deliver a bid for a proposal. The packet can be handed off to any staff member at the library as long as it is sealed with ATTN: E-Rate 2024. Staff will be instructed with how to forward the documents along.

  • Question: Your RFP and 470 requests bids for 3 locations, will you consider bids for just 2 locations or will the bid not be considered if bid received only covers 2 out of 3 locations?
  • Answer: To be considered, the bid needs to be able to provide internet access for all three locations.

  • Question: I see that content filtering is requested which is normally a function of a firewall, therefore are you requesting a firewall service & device or just the internet services?
  • Answer: Yes, we are requesting a managed firewall service and device, to be cost allocated, if that is how the bidder would provide CIPA filtering.
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