Jun. 01, 2020

Summer Reading 2020: Imagine Your Story

For all ages!

Escape to new lands of wonder, magic and adventure by reading this summer!

Read and Win Prizes

The library challenges kids, teens and adults to read this summer to earn free books and prizes! We have a challenge for each age group that runs from June 1st – July 31st. There will be reading challenges, unique activities and virtual events for all ages.

How to Register

Registration starts June 1st. Register online at Beanstack. You can log your reading online at Beanstack or by paper. Making reading your favorite habit!

  1. Go to https://ngrl.beanstack.org
  2. Click on “Register an individual or family” ****Please, one account per household. You can have multiple readers of all ages under one account****
  3. Fill in the information and submit.
  4. Select your challenge.

New to Beanstack? View some video tutorials here.

Go Mobile

Easy logging with Beanstack app. Download the free Beanstack Tracking mobile app available on Android and iOS to register and easily track reading minutes.

How to Complete the Challenge

  1. To be eligible to enter the grand prize drawing, participants must complete the challenge by reading, logging the required amount of time, completing the Get Started activity and writing book reviews for their age group:
    • Kids (birth – 5th grade) must read/or be read to 15 hours minimum and complete the “Get Started” activity. (For kids not yet reading, being read to counts. And for kids not ready to use computers parents or siblings can complete the activity). No review required for kids.
    • Teens (6th grade – 12th grade) must read 25 hours, complete “Get Started” activity and write 2 book reviews.
    • Adults (18+) must read 25 hours minimum, complete “Get Started” activity and write two book reviews.
  2. Everyone who completes the required amount of reading time and logs it completes the challenge and gets a certificate, prize pack and tickets (ticket for every 5 hours read) in the grand prize drawing.
  3. Log your reading online or by paper:
    • To log your reading online, go to https://ngrl.beanstack.org or use the Beanstack Tracking mobile app. Go to the “Logging Badges” page and enter the time read, title and author of the book. You can enter minutes or hours read. For each hour you complete, a badge icon will change from gray to full color and appear in the “Earned Badges” tab.
    • To log your reading by paper, you can print the reading log here or just use a piece of paper from home to keep track of your time and write your reviews (for teens and adults). Paper logs must be turned in to the library by July 31st at library close. Paper logs must have the following information: First Name, Last Name, age or grade, school if applicable, library branch, and phone number. If you have questions about paper logs please call 706-876-1379
  4. Kids get 3 tickets, one for every 5 hours read, in the grand prize drawing. Teens and adults get 6 tickets, one for every 5 hours read and 1 ticket for two book reviews, in the grand prize drawing.

To Earn More Tickets For Your Grand Prize Drawing

Complete more activities found in the “Activity Badges” tab. To log activities completed, select the “Activity Badges” tab. Then select the activity completed and submit the required response. Once you complete an activity, the badge icon will change from gray to full color. For each activity completed, you get a ticket in your grand prize drawing. (Only valid if you complete the reading challenge.)

What to Read

Anything you want – books, ebooks, magazines, comics, manga, articles, audiobooks,etc. Materials do not need to be from the library.


Grand prize winners in each age group will be notified by August 12th. Certificate and prize packs and grand prizes can be picked up at the library after August 12th.

Virtual Programs

Summer is a great time to read what you like, to learn new things, and to have fun with friends. Find free, fun virtual programs and events for all ages throughout the summer. We will offer virtual programs such as crafts, storytimes, workshops and performers for all ages and open to everyone via our various Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Be sure to follow us! Participate with the program on social media using #ngrlsr2020.

Check out our virtual programming page.

Library Social Media Accounts:

Why Participate?

Library summer reading programs are designed to encourage:

  • Spending more time reading over the summer
  • Improving reading and vocabulary skills
  • Increasing enjoyment of reading
  • Increasing motivation to read
  • Increasing confidence in reading
  • Ensuring kids return to school ready to learn and avoid the “Summer Slide”

Have Questions about Summer Reading?

Call 706-876-1379.


Betsy Powell
Librarian at Dalton-Whitfield Regional Library
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