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Below is a list of programs that we'll be doing during the Teen Summer Reading Program. Please let us know which programs you might like to attend and we'll contact you with more information!

Make, decorate, and shoot off some model rockets since really going to space is way too expensive. There might even be a chance to win some prizes!

Are you ready for a zombie apocalypse? What about a normal one? Join Chattanooga's Zombie Response Team and learn some tips about surviving, whether it's zombies, nature, or just because.

Cody Holloway is coming to teach us a little about robots and then to guide us through the process of making one.

Come build LED throwies, light up cards, and learn the basics about circuits all at the same time.

Let loose your inner Sherlock Holmes and figure out who did it in this mystery theatre.

We all know that CSI is fake! Learn some real techniques with the Whitfield County Sheriff's Department.

Artist Tammy Pryce will be here to show everyone how to make art out of clay. What do you want to make? A Harry Potter Wand? A Sonic Screwdriver? A Dragon?

Come an Ad Libs game as you learn how to program in Python. This can be a stepping stone to other languages, like the Java necessary to mod Minecraft.

Not sure what to read next? Fill out this part of the form and next time you come in, stop by the reference desk to get some suggestions!

Choose one or more genres that you enjoy. Some sample settings or themes from each genre are in parentheses.

Add your favorite non-fiction topics separated by commas.

The YA Books are written for teens and often include things many teens deal with - sex, violence, and cursing. If you, or your parents, are uncomfortable with that, choose some of these options. Remember, it's up to your parents and you to determine what is best for you and to check the books you are reading.

Did I miss anything that will help me find a book for you? Let me know here!

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