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Checking Out

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How long can I check things out?

The length of time an item can be checked out depends on what it is. The following list shows the checkout lengths for each type of material. Additionally, audiobooks, books, music, and videos can be renewed. For more information on renewals, see the renewals section.

  • Audiobooks – two (2) weeks
  • Books – two (2) weeks
  • Magazines – one (1) week
  • Music – two (2) weeks
  • Videos – one (1) week
How many items can I check out?

Each card can have a total of 50 items on it. Up to the maximum limit of each type of item can be used to make the total 50.

  • Audiobooks – up to fifty (50) per card
  • Books – up to fifty (50) per card
  • Magazines – up to fifty (50) per card
  • Music – up to fifty (50) per card
  • Videos – up to fifteen (15) per card
How do I renew items?

Most items may be renewed twice if there are no holds. Each renewal lasts for the same amount of time as the original check out period. After two renewals, items must be brought back to the library to be checked in and back out.

You must present a PINES card in person or read the PINES barcode number to a staff member over the phone. Please note: You must speak with a staff member, you cannot leave a voicemail.

You may also renew items online by logging into your PINES account with your library card and PINES password.

Can I place holds on items from home?

Yes, by going to the PINES online catalog and logging into your account. You must have your library card and your PINES password to do so.

How do I return items?

The materials checked out from NGRL libraries can be returned at any PINES library. If possible, please return materials inside; however, for after hours and closings, there are book drops outside of the library. Music, audiobooks, and videos should be returned in the library during open hours to help prevent damage.

What if my items are late?

Each late item is charged a fee for every day that it is late. The fines cannot go past $5.00 for each item. The fines are listed below:

  • 20¢ per day per book, audiobook, magazine, or music disc
  • 50¢ per day per video

$5.00 is the maximum fine for each item. $10.00 total in fines or fees will lock your account and you will not be able to check out materials.


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