• Chatsworth-Murray County Library has reopened at 100 N 3rd Ave. in Chatsworth.


What is PINES? Georgia Library PINES (Public Information Network for Electronic Services) is the public library automation and lending network for more than 275 libraries. PINES creates a statewide “borderless library” that provides equal access to information for all Georgians.
Can I get a PINES library card? If you are a resident of Georgia, own land in Georgia, or work or go to school in Georgia.
If I do not meet the criteria above can I still get a PINES card? Yes. You may get a temporary card for six months for $12.50. Out-of-state cards are available for an annual fee of $25.
What do I need to get a PINES card? Required ID (choose one from this list):

  • photo ID showing current local address, OR
  • photo ID from list below, OR
  • Two (2) items from list below showing current, local address

Acceptable ID includes:

  • valid driver’s license
  • valid voter registration card
  • valid matricular consular
  • checks with pre-printed addresses
  • a utility bill
  • tax receipt or other piece of mail showing the name and present address
How old do I have to be to get a PINES card? There is no minimum age.
How long can I check things out?
  • books – two (2) weeks, two (2) renewals, if there are no holds on the item
  • videos – one (1) week, two (2) renewals, if there are no holds on the item
Can I place holds on items from home? Yes, click on our catalog link.
How do I renew items? Most items may be renewed twice. After two renewals, items must be brought back to the library. You must present a PINES card in person or read the PINES barcode number to the staff member over the phone. You may also renew items via the My Account feature of the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).
What if I forget my card? Statewide PINES policy requires that you have a valid card with you. You may return home to get your card (materials will be held) or purchase a replacement card for $2.00. Photo ID is not accepted in lieu of a library card.
What are the late fees?
  • 10¢ per day per book
  • 50¢ per day per video

$5.00 is the maximum fine for each item. $10.00 will lock your account.


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