• Chatsworth-Murray County Library has reopened at 100 N 3rd Ave. in Chatsworth.

NGRL – Get Georgia Reading – Summer Resources for Parents

Georgia Public Library Service is partnering with many other Georgia organizations to present Get Georgia Reading

Get Georgia Reading provides access to free eBooks for kids and their families from May 3 – August 31. At the Get Georgia Reading website provides links to many resources for parents and the community, including information about the Summer Meal Programs.

To access the free eBooks for kids and their families, either visit the Get Georgia Reading Website and look for myOn links, or follow the steps below:
1. Go to myOn.com and click Log In Now
2. Enter School Name: Get Georgia Reading, Georgia Campaign for Grade Level Reading — Do not cut and paste. You must type in the text and select the school from the drop-down menu.
3. Enter Username: WHITFIELDCOUNTY usernames are based on the county you live in. Other options are: GORDONCOUNTY and MURRAYCOUNTY
4. Enter Password: read
6. Sign in and start reading!

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