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  • Chatsworth-Murray County Library will be CLOSED
    January 22nd – Mid February
    as they move to a temporary location.

DW – Tween Lock-In (Grades 4-8)

Dalton-Whitfield County Library presents a Tween Program: Lock-In on Saturday, October 14th from 2:00-7:00pm

Tweens will take over the library after hours and take part in these fun activities: NERF War, costume contest, karaoke, slime, video games, movies, and zombie makeup. Don’t forget to bring your Nerf gun and to wear a costume for the contest! Grades 4-8.

La biblioteca de dalton-whitfield presenta: Tween Lock-In el sábado, el 14 de octubre a las 2:00 hasta 7:00pm

Adolescentes en las grados 4-8 tomará el control fuera de horas y disfrutará en actividados divertidos. Recuerda a traer tu arma Nerf y llevar un disfraz.


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