DW – Job Opportunities (LTTC)

The Dalton-Whitfield Library will be offering a Job Opportunities course this April. Registration is required and limited to 20 people per class. To register, visit the Learning and Technology Training Center’s Schedule.

Classes being offered:

Job Opportunities: Basic Search – April 14th at 10am-12pm.
Job Opportunities: Online Applications, Part 1 – April 16th at 10am-12pm.
Job Opportunities: Online Applications, Part 2 – April 21th at 10am-12pm.
Job Opportunities: Resumes and Cover Letters – April 23th at 10am-12pm.

For more information about the classes, check out the class descriptions.

You must be 16 or older to register and take classes at the Learning and Technology Training Center.

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2 Responses to DW – Job Opportunities (LTTC)

  1. S J Allison says:

    What does the individual need to bring with them as far as supplies, resume`(s), laptop, tools, etc…
    Email soon: allisonsj12@hotmail.com

  2. powellb@ngrl.org says:

    Hi S.J.,
    For supplies, you may want to bring your past resumes or the information you’ll need for your resume (date ranges for last jobs, etc), and a USB flash drive to save files on, but you really don’t have to bring anything. You’ll be using a library laptop and you’ll be working on resumes in the last class.

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