• Chatsworth-Murray County Library has reopened at 100 N 3rd Ave. in Chatsworth.

DW – 14+ Coffee House, Spark a Reaction

Dalton-Whitfield Library presents a Zombie-themed 14+ Coffee House for Spark a Reaction: Tuesday, June 10th @ 3:00pm

14+ Coffee House: Tuesday, June 10th @ 3:00pm
Teens 14 to 18 can come to the coffee house and enjoy some snacks. Teen writers can share a zombie or apocalypse survival story or poem, or readers can read from stories they enjoy.

Rising 6th graders to rising 12th graders will get to participate in a summer full of reading, art, and fun with our Summer Reading Program. Most events will be on Thursdays at 3:00pm at the library.

Spark a Reaction

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