Dalton-Whitfield Learning and Technology Training Center (LTTC)

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To create a multi-purpose educational center that serves as a community resource for workforce development (to include math, computer skills, and language development for Spanish speaking residents preparing for the workforce); development of early literacy skills with a focus on reading, writing, and math; and college preparation with career assessment assistance.

About the Learning and Technology Training Center (LTTC)

The Northwest Georgia Regional Library is proud to announce the launch of this center. The LTTC will offer computer and workforce development classes to the public for free. This is the place to improve your computer and employment skills. A variety of classes will be offered at the LTTC by qualified instructors, and these classes are designed to help you achieve your learning goals.


If you are interested in developing your technology or employment skills, the LTTC is the right place. We have changed our classes to help promote more of the skills that our students have suggested! These three tracks have been designed to help learners of all ages get the skills they need to use computer resources.

Basics Track (11:00am – 12:30pm)

The basics track is for beginners. You’ll get the chance to learn the absolute basics. These classes are available each month. Below is a list of the classes and the types of skills you will learn.

Week One:

Basic I: Know Your Computer

Learn: Parts of a computer; mouse basics; and types of cursors

Basic II: Intro to Programs

Learn: Opening and closing programs; Icon translation (what each icon means)

Basic III: Keyboarding

Learn: How to capitalize; keyboarding basics

Basic IV: Intro to Internet

Learn: Parts of a webpage; how to search

Week Two:

Intermediate I: Saving Documents

Learn: Saving your document to a USB drive; finding your USB drive / document

Intermediate II: Printing

Learn: Locating a printer; printing a document / webpage selection

Intermediate III: Microsoft Word 101

Learn: Microsoft cursors; typing a document; formatting; important keys

Intermediate IV: Microsoft Word 102

Learn: Saving a document; ribbons / tabs; inserting symbols / pictures

Week Three:

Internet Basics I: E-mail Setup

Learn: Setting up an account; signing in and out; security and password recovery

Internet Basics II: Using E-mail

Learn: Opening e-mail / sending e-mail; attachments; cleaning your inbox

Internet Basics III: Facebook 101

Learn: Account set-up; security settings; looking for friends

Internet Basics IV: Facebook 102

Learn: Sharing / posting / messaging; uploading photos


Workforce Development Track (5:00pm – 6:30pm)

The workforce development track is for intermediate users – to participate, you must be able to successfully complete the activities listed under the basic track. These classes may change each month.

Week One

Job Skills I: Intro to Microsoft Office Suite

Learn: Identifying parts of MS suite and uses; brief intro to individual programs

Job Skills II: Microsoft Word 201

Learn: Basics of MS Word; templates; resume formatting

Job Skills II: Microsoft Word 202

Learn: Inserting objecs; creating templates

Week Two *These classes change each month*

Microsoft I-III: Microsoft Office Suite Programs

Learn: Key skills relating to a Microsoft Office program.

Week Three *These classes may change each month*

Web Skills I-III: Various Web-related skills

Learn: Key skills relating to web programs such as Facebook Marketing, Google Drive, and Web Design.

Specialty Track

The specialty track is for intermediate users – to participate, you must be able to successfully complete the activities listed under the basic track. These classes will change each month. Check the schedule to find out which classes are being taught this month. The specialty classes are usually offered at the end of the month.


Please note: In order to take Workforce Development Track or Specialty Track classes, you must be able to demonstrate that you are able to complete the skills listed in the Basic Track.


Registration is currently closed.
Registration is currently closed.
Registration is currently closed.

Job Searching Resources

  • Glassdoor: Discover salary information, company profiles, interview questions and more as Glassdoor helps you get a job.

Contact the LTTC

Name: Jessica H. Wyatt
Phone: 706-876-2504
Address: Dalton Whitfield Public Library
Lower Level
310 Cappes St.
Dalton Ga, 30720

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