• Chatsworth-Murray County Library has reopened at 100 N 3rd Ave. in Chatsworth.

Chatsworth Adult Department

The Chatsworth-Murray library has an adult collection that includes books, audiobooks, movies, and music CDs.

Books & Audiobooks

The books and audiobooks are divided into fiction, non-fiction, and biography. Each type of books has a different way of being shelved.

Chatsworth New Books

New Books

New books, both fiction and non-fiction are kept across from the circulation desk. These are the most recent library purchases and typically check out the most. Books remain here for up to six months. If you don’t see your book in the fiction or non-fiction areas, make sure you check in the new book section.

Chatsworth Fiction


Fiction books are shelved in alphabetical order by author’s last name, followed by author’s first name. Finally, books by the same author are shelved according to the title.


Non-fiction books and audiobooks are shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System: Chatsworth Non-Fiction

  • 000 – Computer science, information & general works
  • 100 – Philosophy and psychology
  • 200 – Religion
  • 300 – Social sciences
  • 400 – Language
  • 500 – Science
  • 600 – Technology
  • 700 – Arts & recreation
  • 800– Literature
  • 900 – History & geography


Biographies are shelved under B and then the last name of the person the book was written about.


Movies are shelved under video or VHS. The library offers VHS cassettes and DVDs. Fiction will be shelved by the title of the movie, ignoring “a”, “an”, and “The”. Non-fiction will be shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System (see books section for the Dewey Decimal System information).
Chatsworth Magazines


Magazines are in racks at the entrance with some soft seating available.

Books for Teens and Young Adults

All young adult books are listed as “YA” and are in a section on their own near the OPAC computers.


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