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CG – Cupcake Decorating at Sweet Trees Bakery, Spark a Reaction

Calhoun-Gordon Library presents Cupcake Decorating at Sweet Trees Bakery for Spark a Reaction: Wednesday, July 16th @ 4:30pm

Cupcake Decorating at Sweet Trees Bakery: Wednesday, July 16th @ 4:30pm *Note, this will be at the Sweet Trees Bakery
Impress your friends and family members by learning different ways of decorating cupcakes–from creating roses to using fondant. Sign-up is required. This event will take place at the Sweet Trees Bakery.

Rising 6th graders to rising 12th graders will get to participate in a summer full of reading, art, and fun with our Summer Reading Program. Most events will be on Wednesdays at 4:00pm at the Calhoun Depot located across the railroad tracks from the library.

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