DW – Gretchen Rubin’s Youtube Interview & Discussion – Happiness Project

Dalton-Whitfield Library’s The Happiness Project presents Gretchen Rubin’s Youtube Interview and Discussion: September 11th at 6pm

Join the library and other members of the community in watching author Gretchen Rubin’s Youtube Interview and then discussing the interview and her book, Project Happiness.

While you’re here, make sure you pick up a fabric square for the Happiness Quilt. Draw or write what makes you happy on it and bring it back to the library so we can make a community-based quilt!

Find more information about the Happiness Project.

DW – The Happiness Project

Dalton-Whitfield Library is hosting The Happiness Project: September, October, and November

Adults and teens, join the library in reading and discussing books and then watching the movie! See below for the full schedule and the calendar for individual events. Kids, come to story time and explore what makes you happy!


  • 9th at 6pm: Discussion of Gretchin Rubin’s Project Happiness
  • 11th at 6pm: Gretchen Rubin’s Youtube Interview and Discussion


  • 7th at 6pm: Discussion of Chris Gardner’s Pursuit of Happyness
  • 9th at 6pm: Watch a Movie!
  • 21st at 6pm: Discussion of Julie Powell’s Julie and Julia
  • 23rd at 6pm: Watch a Movie!


  • 4th at 6pm: Discussion of Ben Carson’s Gifted Hands
  • 6th at 6pm: Watch a Movie!

October Children’s Program
Happy Harvest month! Children will explore what makes them happy during story times and enjoy upbeat music and movies.

  • 18th at 11:30am: Watch a Movie!
  • 25th at 11:30am: Watch a Movie!
  • 30th at 6pm: Chattanooga’s Symphony

Happiness Quilt
During the months of September through November, everyone is encouraged to submit a square to the library with what makes them happy written or drawn on it. These squares will be joined together to form the Happiness quilt. Library customers will be able to watch the quilt grow as new squares are added.

DW – Computer Basics: Internet and E-Mail LTTC Class

The LTTC is offering a Computer Basics: Internet and E-Mail computer class

Basic computer skills are required. Learn how to access the internet using different search engines and create your own e-mail account. This class is great for people wanting to learn more about using the internet to search for jobs, watch youtube, go on Facebook, and more. Registration is required for all LTTC classes.

DW – Fine Freedom – 7/7

Dalton-Whitfield Library will be hosting a Fine “Freedom” Day! July 7th, all day long!

Ever been scared about the fines on a book/movie/CD you’ve kept way over its overdue date? July 7th is the day to bring the item in! We will forgive any overdue fees for items returned on July 7th at the Dalton-Whitfield library. This does not include any fees for damages.

We look forward to seeing you after Independence day with your overdue books, movies, music and more!

DW – Robots 101, Spark a Reaction

Dalton-Whitfield Library presents Robots 101 for Spark a Reaction: Thursday, June 19th @ 3:00pm

RobotRobotics 101: Thursday, June 19th @ 3:00pm
Mr. Holloway from Dalton High school will be here to walk teens through building a simple line-tracking robot and programming it to follow a path. Teens will be paired up for this project, so bring a friend! Robots will remain at the library for future programs and for teens to use while at the library. 10 robot kits will be available, so there may be up to 10 groups of teens.Cropped and edited image CC 3.0 on Wikimedia by D.J. Shin

Rising 6th graders to rising 12th graders will get to participate in a summer full of reading, art, and fun with our Summer Reading Program. Most events will be on Thursdays at 3:00pm at the library.

Spark a Reaction