CG – National Library Week

Calhoun-Gordon Library will be celebrating National Library Week: April 14th – 18th

Libraries all over the nation will be celebrating National Library Week. Join in and listen to the stories of two authors.
4/14 @ 4:30pm – Teen Writing Workshop with Amber Nagle:
Amber Lanier Nagle will be present to teach teens how to write about a treasured keepsake of their own. Learn the basics of planning, writing, and editing a story. Bring a keepsake of your own, pens, and paper.
Interested in attending, but not a teen? Dalton-Whitfield library will be hosting Project Keepsake workshops for adults and teens.

4/16 @ 10:30am – GiGi’s Pajama Party Storytime:
Come enjoy a special story time for toddlers! Wear your favorite PJs and have some fun.

4/17 @ 10:30am – Author’s Tea with Natalie Czerkasij Lewellen:
Deliverance by Natalie Czerkasij Lewellen; image from Adventist Book
Natalie Czerkasij Lewellen will talk about the book she co-authored about her mother’s life in the Ukraine during World War II.

Teen Summer Reading Registration

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Below is a list of programs that we'll be doing during the Teen Summer Reading Program. Please let us know which programs you might like to attend and we'll contact you with more information!

Make, decorate, and shoot off some model rockets since really going to space is way too expensive. There might even be a chance to win some prizes!

Are you ready for a zombie apocalypse? What about a normal one? Join Chattanooga's Zombie Response Team and learn some tips about surviving, whether it's zombies, nature, or just because.

Cody Holloway is coming to teach us a little about robots and then to guide us through the process of making one.

Come build LED throwies, light up cards, and learn the basics about circuits all at the same time.

Let loose your inner Sherlock Holmes and figure out who did it in this mystery theatre.

We all know that CSI is fake! Learn some real techniques with the Whitfield County Sheriff's Department.

Artist Tammy Pryce will be here to show everyone how to make art out of clay. What do you want to make? A Harry Potter Wand? A Sonic Screwdriver? A Dragon?

Come an Ad Libs game as you learn how to program in Python. This can be a stepping stone to other languages, like the Java necessary to mod Minecraft.

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The YA Books are written for teens and often include things many teens deal with - sex, violence, and cursing. If you, or your parents, are uncomfortable with that, choose some of these options. Remember, it's up to your parents and you to determine what is best for you and to check the books you are reading.

Did I miss anything that will help me find a book for you? Let me know here!

DW – Teen Movie Night

Dalton-Whitfield Teen Movie Night: Fridays @ 4:45pm.

The Dalton Teen Advisory Group hosts a movie night every other Friday @ 4:45pm. Join us for a free movie with popcorn. Open to 6th grade and up. Movies will be PG-13 and lower. To find more information about the teen movies, call 706-876-1390 or e-mail Due to licensing requirements, movie titles cannot be posted on the website.


Book/Movie/Music Recommendations for Purchase

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If you want to hear back from us, please make sure you include a phone number or e-mail address.

Please include as much information as possible so that we are able to find the right item to purchase it. We must have at least the title and author's name. ISBN number, publisher and more can be very helpful but may not be necessary. Movies must be rated PG-13 or lower.

CG – Closed for Renovations

Calhoun-Gordon Library will be closed for renovations: Monday, February 24th until Tuesday, March, 4rd.

Calhoun Library will resume normal hours on Tuesday, March 4th. Keep an eye on the Renovations page to follow along with our progress as we improve the library.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Feel free to visit Dalton and Chatsworth libraries to satisfy your library needs.

DW – Family Movie Day

Dalton-Whitfield Family Movie Day: Saturdays @ 11:00am.

The Dalton Library hosts a movie day every 3rd and 4th Saturday @ 11:30am. Join us for a free movie with popcorn. Open to everyone. Movies will be PG and lower. To find more information about Family Movie Days, call 706-876-7390 or e-mail Due to licensing requirements, movie titles cannot be posted on the website.

DW – New Kids Books
















New Picture Books

! Exclamation Mark by Amy Rosenthal
An exclamation mark is trying to fit in with the other punctuation marks and finally realizes he is unique. This is a story about finding out that being different is a good thing.

Elsie’s Bird by Jane Yolen
One of the Georgia Picture book award nominees, this story is of a young girl heading out with her father to start homesteading. In Nebraska there are none of the city noises she was used to hearing. Her canary is the only noise she hears until he escapes and she has to venture on to the prairie to find him. Elsie finally hears the voices of the plains and settles into her new prairie home.

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle
The little blue truck and friendly farm animals teach an important lesson to the busy dump truck. Lots of noises will make this a fun read aloud.

Zero the Hero by Joan Holub
The counting numbers don’t realize how important Zero is until they encounter the Roman Numerals. Read how he rescues his friends and they discover he is their Hero.

Again by Emily Gravett
This tale should be very familiar. It is about a little dragon who wants the same book to be read at bedtime again, and again, and again. In fact she is so persistent that something unexpected happens. You will love seeing what this little dragon does as everyone else in the story falls asleep.

Meet the Cars from Disney Pixar
This is a fun way to see all the cars and other vehicles from the movies. All the fun facts are included about each one. Car lovers will really like this one.

Tribes of Chima, Meet the Heroes, and Defend the Castle are three new Lego titles. These will be fun to read with the new Lego movie coming soon.

The Lego Adventure Book gives a brick by brick breakdown for building cars, castles, dinosaurs, and more.

Ol’ Mama Squirrel by David Stein
This Mama Squirrel scolds everything from a kite to a grizzly bear. With her “Chook, Chook, Chook!!”, she doesn’t let anything near her babies.

New Kids Books

A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz
A prequel to Hansel and Gretel, this tale takes the children from one gruesome situation to another. You thought being almost eaten by a witch was awful, wait till you read what could have happened instead.

World of the Weird by Tracey Turner
Weird, bizarre, extreme, mysterious, amazing, magical and eccentric are just a few of the words that describe all the facts and folklore in this book. This book will satisfy and peak your curiosity.

Breadcrumbs by Anna Ursu
Hazel encounters many perilous and poignant adventures in her search for her best friend, Jack. This is a touching story of friendship and growth. Friendships change but can grow at the same time.

The Name of this book is a Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch
The secret unfolds as you meet the heroes, follow their trails, solve riddles and mysteries, and face the villains. But I can’t tell you anymore; it’s a secret.

DW – Witness to the Holocaust

Dalton-Whitfield Library will be hosting “Witness to the Holocaust”: Thursday, February 13th – Thursday, February 27th

This event is free and open to the public.

Come see the display at the library and learn about William Alexander “W.A” Scott III and his time as a photographer in a segregated battalion during World War II. W.A. was a Georgia resident and a civil rights activist. The exhibit is sponsored by The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust with the Georgia Public Library Service and also looks at the similarities between racial laws in the United States and in Germany.

The panels that will be on display are a part of a larger, permanent exhibit called Anne Frank in the World: 1929-1945 in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Witness to the Holocaust Flyer

For more information, visit Witness to the Holocaust 2014 Library Tour.