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Friends of the Library

General Information

The Friends of the Library relies on the generosity of our patrons, residents, and business community to help us achieve our mission of supporting the public library. Through donations of money, time, experience, and books, we make it possible to engage the private and public sector in an important and continuing conversation about the need to maintain and grow our library system. We believe that information in all forms should be easily accessible, free, and available to all children and adults regardless of race, religion, or educational and economic standing. To quote one of the founders of our nation, Thomas Jefferson (1743-1829), “Information is the currency of Democracy.”


The Friends of the Library is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership of for terms of two years. The Board oversees the programs, projects, and financial status of the Friends; appoints committees; and raises funds through contributions, dues, legacies, devises, and other legal means.


Meetings of the Friends and Friends Board are open to the public and include an agenda of Board business, reports of Committees, and discussion of projects and activities. Meeting times are listed on the Friends website. We invite you to attend.

What is a Friend?

Friends are people just like you who are committed to the development and support of a quality, community-oriented public library system. Friends have been a strong voice for the message that accessible library service is not a luxury, but a necessity in every community and neighborhood.

What do Friends do?

Friends support libraries in many important ways.

  • Raise private funds
  • Support children’s programs
  • Sponsor cultural and literary programs
  • Promote library advocacy in the community and on legislative issues

How do I “promote library advocacy”?

The NGRL libraries receive their funding from the state, the county, the city, and the school boards of their community. Each year there is a budgeting process, which leads to decisions regarding the amount of money the library, receives from the State, County, and City. Friends of the Library members are called on to actively participate in the process by attending public meetings, and contacting their respective elected officials by phone, mail, or email and voicing their support for adequate funding for our library system.

NGRL’s Friends of the Library


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